Updating dat

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Updating dat

Click on the system to open the System Information page.

Click on Actions | Agent | Modify Tasks on a Single System.

caused Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) systems to crash and reboot repeatedly.

These files are made available to antivirus clients as they are published.

In fact, that very scenario played out in many IT departments just recently.

During the week of April 19th, a bad DAT file update from Mc Afee Inc.

When I heard this news, it reminded me of a bit of a horror story in one of my former CISO positions where our antivirus vendor also sent out a buggy DAT file that wrought havoc on our computers and system operations.

The story goes like this: Because of concerns with the rapid distribution of worms, malware, botnets, etc., our organization had decided to allow automated antivirus updates of all enterprise systems whenever a DAT file was uploaded to our antivirus system server.

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The symptoms were that many of our workstations and some servers had gone to 100% CPU usage and did not respond to any commands, troubleshooting measures, etc.

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