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But on Tuesday morning, you still have multiple relationships to maintain with multiple humans with multiple real-life feelings.

Polyamorous relationships can be astonishingly fulfilling, exciting, and fun. There's no one-size-fits-all for figuring out whom -- and how -- to love.

After 10 years in various poly relationships, I've learned a lot of things; many of which would have made a big difference in how I approached this lifestyle if I'd known them when I was still a poly newbie.

There are as many different configurations for polyamorous relationships as there are people on the planet.

But for those of us living in polyamorous families, it can be incredibly frustrating when people use those concepts of open marriage to make assumptions about the structure of our relationships.

Because we live in such a monogamy-centered society, it makes sense that many people can only conceive of non-monogamy in what ultimately still amounts to monogamous terms.

Miri is a writer and social worker who writes about social justice, psychology, mental health, sexuality, and tons of other stuff. Follow her on Tumblr and Twitter, and support her writing on Patreon. You can also find/contact me here: Two things to keep in mind: 1. It’s a “my way of doing poly exists and can work so please stop acting otherwise” article. I am telling you that I exist.]There are two competing narratives about polyamory in the mainstream world: that polyamory is about indiscriminately having casual sex with a lot of random people, and that polyamory is about True Love and Soul Mates and raising children together and wedded (legally or otherwise) bliss.

However, if you are harassing/abusive/trollish, then I no longer have to ask you for permission. [What follows is an approach to polyamory that isn’t possible or appealing to everyone, which is why this isn’t a “you should do poly my way” article.

And perhaps inevitably, certain misconceptions and misunderstandings about what "polyamory" means have become widespread as well.

The key is to share your needs and fears with your partners, and be honest about your intentions and behavior.

There's an inside joke that the only people who actually use Google Calendars are polyamorists.

Lindsey and Anthony are legally married to each other and are both in a relationship with Vanessa.

These three are a primary relationship and refer to themselves as "the Triad".

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