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Investigator John Harper heads his firm’s Eastern European investigations team and answers a few questions about the challenges of due diligence in the former Soviet sphere.Harper is lead investigator for Russia PI™—a wholly owned subsidiary of Wymoo International, a Florida-based professional private investigation company specializing in international background checks and due diligence.If you are searching for Ukrainian brides for marriage, you have come to the right place.Our dating service is one of the most reliable on the Internet while our collection of the brides from Ukraine is arguably the most amazing!

We believe big data and AI to be the Next Digital Disruption.Scammers target the vulnerable—widows and widowers, the elderly, the lonely and isolated.They ask their marks to send money for travel expenses, steal their identities, or even, occasionally, convince them to commit crimes.There are no reliable stats for how many Americans fall prey to online dating scams every year.A lot of victims are too embarrassed to report the crime.

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