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But their immediate joy turned to concern minutes later when the balloon began to drop from the sky - quickly.

The pilot made the decision to steer the balloon towards an empty field, but some trees got in the way on the way down.'All of a sudden, we're still 30 or 40 feet up in the air, and just the whole thing shakes and you hear cracking of branches and we're in a tree,' Peters told CTV News.

After the voyage was delayed by weather issues previously, he finally got the chance on Saturday morning, when the lovers joined eight others and the pilot on the scenic trip above the Canadian city.

And high up in the sky, Martin got down on a knee and proposed to Peters - who was thrilled to say yes.

Rad has stated that the impetus for the app was his observation that "no matter who you are, you feel more comfortable approaching somebody if you know they want you to approach them." He believed that a "double opt-in" system could be created to potentially alleviate that stress.

Rad has also stated that Tinder filled a gap for social sites for meeting strangers, rather than connecting with people a user already knows.

Followed by the worst conversation, almost always YES. Too bad they’re either unbearably dull, using teenage text-speak, or stuck in a ‘how was your weekend? Let’s just throw some emoji in there and call it a day. The pain of being unmatched Didn’t even like the guy.

Stop messing up my game with your tech issues, Tinder. Attempting to sell yourself with 5 profile pictures is torturous Here, world, take these carefully selected photos of myself and judge me with everything you’ve got. But it’s nothing compared to the struggle of crafting a bio How do I sum myself up in a way that makes me sound smart, emotionally stable, and not at all braggy? Constant threesome requests Surely Tinder should be for single people desperately trying not to be alone, not you smug couples trying to spice things up with a third. People immediately taking things to bizarrely sexual levels We’ve been speaking via app for three minutes, don’t think you know me well enough to be narrating your deepest sexual desires. It has massive stalker potential Yes, it’s unlikely, but someone COULD track you down by keeping an eye on when the ‘distance away’ decreases.

I have a son from a previous relationship — Jackson, he was 2 at the time — and they met and just really hit it off.Matching is based on Facebook and Spotify profiles.Tinder is among the first "swiping apps", where the user uses a swiping motion to choose between the photos of other users: swiping right for potentially good matches and swiping left on a photo to move to the next one.A Canadian couple's dream engagement took a dramatic turn when the hot air balloon they was flying in was forced to make a crash landing.Stephen Martin had long planned to pop the question to his partner, Christine Peters, while flying above Edmonton.

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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat.

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