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Burberry, with its expensive, aristocratically nuanced clothing and glossily composed branding songsheet, just doesn’t seem particularly approachable.

But, surprisingly, an approachable, relaxed store is exactly what they have created.

SPOUSES AND GUESTS Guests are able to register for evening social events and/or an optional tour with lunch.

Polanica Zdrój is a charming spa town situated at the foot of the Bystrzyckie Mountains.

Irena Eris Hotel SPA Surgeries: Specjalistyczne Centrum Medyczne S. LSW Chair: Arthur Tykocinski, MD, FISHRS | Brazil LSW Co-Chair: Jerzy R.

Kolasinski, MD, Ph D, FISHRS | Poland REGISTER TODAY Click for Preliminary Program Leaflet View Polanica Highlights Video World Live Surgery Workshop: FUE IMMERSION HOTEL Once we have confirmed your workshop registration you will receive hotel reservation information and ISHRS special rates for the Live Surgery Workshop.

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In spite of its inconspicuous size it is an important place on the medical map of Poland.

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