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I for one certainly understand and empathize with the reasons single Christians practice missionary dating.Most will say dating an unbeliever or thinking of “unequally yoked” dating because there are simply not enough decent Christian prospects out there, or they are afraid or tired of going through life single and alone.

Waiting for Bob, or maybe it was John or it could have been Dave.

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It didn't matter because there seemed to be a pattern – a pattern where I would meet this great guy,and he would tell me "Sure, I go to church," which, of course, was enough information for me to date him. Some of you haven't even begun to wait, while others may have given up.

I would arrive at church early, eagerly waiting to have him join me, when much to my repeated surprise he wouldn't show. I have personally been through the all the levels listed below.

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Our advice for those tempted with missionary dating includes the following:* Understand and redefine your role as you wait on God for a soul-mate * Increase the pool of potential Christian single prospects by at least trying some of the premier and well known Christian dating site out there today.

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