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Release one bee into the room: According to over half of the women surveyed, adding one bee into the mix creates a sense of danger, which can be a total turn-on.5.Roleplay as an auctioneer who’s trying to sell off a wheelbarrow containing his own gigantic testicles: “I like it when my husband talks dirty to me, but I’d like it a lot more if he was talking 15 times faster and about his own testicles, swollen to the size of beanbags and available to the highest bidder,” said one woman, echoing the opinion of 83 percent of those who were polled. The thing where you grab each other’s ankles and tumble around like a human wheel: Who doesn’t love this? Shoot the murderer: If a murderer bursts into your bedroom and lunges at both of you with a knife, she’ll appreciate it if you shoot him dead.

But now he was kind nashkodivshego child, who was caught red-handed.

Whisper “I’m proud of you, sport” to her clitoris: Sex is vulnerable, and the most effective way to make a woman feel at ease is to quietly validate her genitals with words of encouragement.

Fly to scenic Tokyo, Japan: Let’s face it, all women want to go to Tokyo, Japan. Continuously press the garage remote to elicit the constant erotic rumbling of the garage door: The muted, sensual roar of the garage door going up and down speaks to something primal deep in a woman’s loins, making her wild beneath the sheets.

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